Gardendale (AL)

AL Pastor Kills Wife, Wounds Daughter, Attempts Suicide

[Terry] Greer is senior pastor at Gardendale-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church near Birmingham. Prominent in Methodist circles in the area, he leads a church with an average Sunday attendance of about 670.

After Greer opened fire on his wife and daughter Thursday, the teenager grabbed the gun and ran to a neighbor’s house to alert authorities, police said.

The minister then grabbed a kitchen knife and went to a bathroom where he repeatedly stabbed himself in his chest and neck, police said. Responding officers stopped Greer and took him into custody.

Lisa Greer died early Friday at Birmingham Hospital, and police said the couple’s daughter is expected to make a full recovery. Authorities did not disclose details on where the women were wounded or how many times they were shot.

Terry Greer, Alabama Pastor, Allegedly Murders Wife, Wounds Daughter, Tries To Stab Self To Death. HuffPo Crime, 1/13/2013.

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