Harris County (TX)

Man Kills 8—6 Are Children

Investigators said [David] Conley [48] admitted to breaking into the home through an open window after the woman he formerly lived with, Valerie Jackson, 40, changed the locks on the doors.

Conley told investigators that he restrained eight people inside with metal handcuffs, including Jackson and shot them in the back of the head.

The identities of the victims were released in a press conference Sunday afternoon. They include, Valerie Jackson, her husband Dwayne Jackson, 50, Dwayne Jackson, Jr., 10, Nathaniel Jackson, 13, Honesty Jackson, 11, Caleb Jackson, 9, Trinity Jackson, 7, and Jonah Jackson, 6.

HCSO Spokesman Thomas Gilliland said when deputies arrived, no one responded at the front door. They then received more information that indicated a man in the home was wanted on a warrant.

The sergeant on the scene called for a High Risk Operations Unit, similar to SWAT, to help make entry and investigate. While the call was being placed, deputies surrounded the home, and they spotted the body of a juvenile through a window.

At that point, the sergeant and three deputies forced their way in, and Conley began shooting, the sheriff’s office says. Deputies pulled back and waited for the HROU and a negotiator to arrive.

Authorities established contact with the Conley, and after more than an hour he came outside and surrendered without further incident.

The bodies of eight people were found in the home, Gilliland said.

Suspect charged with capital murder of 6 kids, 2 adults. KHOU.com, 8/9/2015.

After Beltway 8 Police Chase, Man Shot Dead Live on TV

The pursuit began at about 10:40am Wednesday when the driver of a blue Chrysler 300 fled during a traffic stop. Authorities say police tried to pull over the driver for “suspicious activity,” including unsafe lane changes.

After several minutes of a high speed pursuit, during which the driver eluded police by going around patrol cars and even driving into the grass, the chase came to a crashing halt. The suspect slammed into a small white car at the intersection of Wallisville and Castlegory, then spun into another vehicle.

That’s when the suspect, identified as Frank Ernest Shepherd, III, got out of the car, but as he reached back inside the vehicle, officers opened fire, fatally striking him. Police say 10 to 12 shots were fired.

The end of the pursuit unfolded quickly, with only a matter of seconds elapsing between the time the suspect struck the white car and the time officers opened fire. HPD spokesperson John Cannon says two of the officers involved in the chase have been on the force for six years. He identified them as R Gonzales and L Engle. He didn’t elaborate on the nature of their involvement. It’s not yet known if they were wearing body cameras. [emphasis added]


Woman Confesses Killing Husband to Relative Then Commits Suicide

According to homicide investigators, a woman fatally shot her husband in an apartment on W. Tidwell Road near Highway 290. She then drove to a family member’s in Harris County where she confessed to the crime and shot herself. The woman was sent to the hospital where she later died.

… With the help of the Houston Fire Department, officials gained entry to the home and found the 43-year-old husband dead inside, police said.

Woman confesses to killing husband before killing self at relative’s Harris County home. KHOU.com, 1/1/2014.

“It’s kind of weird that you shoot a woman”: Man Plants Knife on Woman He Shoots Dead in His Home

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, this all started at 1 a.m. as an argument between Ivey and his roommate at the residence. Donna Schumaker was helping the roommate pick up some personal items.

“A girl picked her up and took her down there to help someone move, and it all broke out,” Billy Schumaker [the victim’s brother] said.

Detectives said Ivey originally claimed Donna Shumaker, who was his roommate’s friend, attacked him with a knife.

“My sister did carry a knife, it must be a leather strap,” Billy Schumaker said. “She works hard, she’s a working woman. She works on boats and stuff like that.”

However, after several hours of interrogation, detectives said that Ivey admitted that he shot the victim and threw the knife next to her to make it look like self-defense.

“It’s kind of weird that you shoot a woman,” Billy Schumaker said. During the argument, Ivey pointed a shotgun at the victim and shot her once, detectives said.

Deputies say man admits to planting knife on victim in fatal shooting. KHOU.com, 7/27/2013.

Road Rage Driver’s SON Shoots Man Dead in Street

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, at about 10:25 p.m. patrol units from the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office responded to a shooting in progress in the 23700 block of Greenland Oak Court.

It was reported that two men, one driving a small car and another riding a motorcycle, were involved in an incident of road rage and had got into a physical altercation, deputies said.

Braughton, the son of the man driving the small vehicle, exited his residence with a handgun, investigators said. The motorcycle rider began backing away with his hands in the air when Braughton fired his handgun, striking the victim once on the torso.

EMS was called to the scene and pronounced the victim dead.

HCSO homicide investigators said that the victim and Braughton are neighbors.

HCSO: Son charged with neighbor’s murder after altercation with father. KHOU.com, 5/25/2013.

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