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10-Year-Old Boy Punches 90-Year-Old Woman to Death

The boy, from Damascus Township, was charged as an adult. Police say he punched Helen Novak of Tyler Hill numerous times in the throat on Saturday, placing a cane on her neck at first.

According to a press release by Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards, the boy went to visit his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, who lives at 349 Skylake Road in Tyler Hill. Virbitsky is the caretaker for Novak.

At about 3:20 on Saturday, Martha Virbitsky went to the state police barracks in Honesdale with her son and reported that her son told her that he had gone into Novak’s room at his grandfather’s home and Novak yelled at him, according to the DA’s press release.

Martha Virbitsky told police that her son told her that he got mad, lost his temper and grabbed a cane and put it on Novak’s throat at his grandfather’s home earlier in the day.

State trooper John Decker then met with the boy and Martha Virbitsky and agreed to sit down with them to discuss Novak’s death. Decker mirandized the boy and reviewed his rights with him and Martha Virbitsky.

The affidavit states that the boy told Decker that he pulled Novak down on the bed and held a cane on her throat and then punched her numerous times. The boy then went to his grandfather and told him that Novak was bleeding from her mouth.

Anthony Virbitsky went to check on Novak and said she was OK. Virbitsky then asked the boy if he had done something to Novak and the boy said “No,” according to the DA’s office.

Anthony Virbitsky then went back to Novak around 11 a.m., found her unresponsive and called 911.

Anthony Virbitsky also stated that after finding Novak unresponsive that he asked the boy again if he had done something to Novak and this time the boy told his grandfather that he had punched Novak and put a cane on her throat.

Police charge boy, 10, with killing 90-year-old woman; say he punched her numerous times. Pocono Record, 10/13/2014.

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