Woman Kills Lover’s Wife and Self on Interstate 20

It all began Wednesday afternoon when neighbors of Barnett said they spotted a black Dodge Durango outside of the teacher’s home. The neighbors became suspicious because Barnett had recently replaced the lock on her gate to her backyard after believing that someone had tampered with the latch.

Clayton County police said they believe that the girlfriend of Barnett’s husband was the kidnapper.

According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, deputies spotted the Durango around noon on Thursday at a truck stop on I-20 near the Waco exit, and a chase ensued.

The driver led officers heading west on Interstate 20 through Carroll and Haralson counties. When the chase crossed state lines, the Alabama State Patrol joined in.

The chase continued to mile marker 208 where the vehicle stopped suddenly while being pursued. According to Clayton County authorities, the suspect reached into the back of the car, retrieved a gun and shot Barnett before turning the gun on herself.

Police: Teacher kidnapped, killed by husband’s girlfriend. 11Alive, 7/17/2015.

Man Shoots, Stabs 3-Year Old to Death, Dies in Police Shootout

Frederick Roy Miller, 38, allegedly shot and wounded the girl’s maternal grandfather and great-grandmother on Saturday while attempting to kidnap his daughter.

Police responded and spotted Miller grabbing his daughter and getting into his Nissan Altima, according to police. Officers chased Miller in his car, and he stopped several times to exchange gunfire with police.

Five Prince George’s county police officers and one Maryland state trooper fired shots at Miller, who was killed at the scene.

When police approached the vehicle, they discovered the 3-year-old girl suffering from a gunshot wound and a stab wound.

The office of the Chief Medical Examiner said it appeared Miller stabbed and shot his daughter. She was taken to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Maryland man dies in police shootout after stabbing, shooting 3-year-old daughter. Reuters/The Raw Story, 8/17/2014.

Kidnapped Woman Rescued by Family, Abductor Dead

After the estranged boyfriend of Bethany Arceneaux kidnapped her on Wednesday, the victim’s family chose not to rely on local police to find her.

…they discovered her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, torturing Bethany in an abandoned home in Duson, Louisiana on Friday. Arceneaux’s family then shot Thomas dead to prevent her from being killed as he stabbed her, family members told KLFY television.

Thomas, also 29, allegedly abducted Bethany near a day care center, leaving their 2-year-old child abandoned inside Bethany’s vehicle.

About a dozen family members participated in the search and rescue, searching the area she had been last seen with four-wheelers and ATVs. Family members captured much of the search on video. Images of the 29-year-old being cradled by her uncle Marcus Arceneaux as he placed her in a car have begun circulating.

Family rescues kidnap victim, kills abductor. The Raw Story, 11/9/2013.

Local coverage including TV report: Kidnapping victim found alive, suspect dead., 11/8/2013.

Lafayette, LA – On November 6, 2013, at approximately 5:20 pm, Lafayette Police responded to a kidnapping incident in the 500 block of Madeline Avenue.

According to witnesses, the suspect, 29 year old Scott Thomas of Leonville, arrived at a daycare on Madeline Avenue and confronted his child’s mother, a 29 year old female. Thomas allegedly forced the victim into his vehicle and fled the scene. The victim’s 2 year old child was left inside of the victim’s vehicle at the daycare.

At approximately 7:30 pm, the suspect’s vehicle, a white older model Buick LeSabre, was located unoccupied on Anderson Road in Lafayette Parish. Lafayette Police have issued an arrest warrant for Scott W. Thomas for Kidnapping.

… This situation is still unfolding but we are getting good news from Bethany Arceneaux’s family. They tell KLFY she was hurt, stabbed and cut, but is expected to recover. They want to let Acadiana know she’s been found and thank the community for the help

…Details are emerging from how the kidnapping of Bethany Arceneaux ended. According to police, family searched an abandoned property and saw her inside. They got inside and Thomas attacked her. The family member then defended Bethany, shooting Thomas. Then left the scene with Bethany. Thomas has been pronounced dead.

4, Including 2 Girls, Assist in Beating and Video Recording of Rape [update]

Disgusting. All of them need the worst punishment possible. This gleeful recording of assaults on young women has to stop and to be stopped the perpetrators need to be punished severely. If the US will not teach its boys that girls and women are humans with dignity and agency, it will have to slam punks like these against the wall with twice the force these assholes used to smash their victim into a slab of concrete.

The rape suspect, Jayvon Woolfork, 19, stood next to one of his alleged accomplices, Lanel Singleton, 18, in tan jailhouse scrubs, their wrists cuffed behind their backs, as a judge ordered them jailed without bond Monday morning.

… When Singleton, from South Broward High, was arrested, he admitted to participating in and videotaping the attack.

The three accused minors, also from South Broward High — Patricia Montes, 15, of Hollywood; Erica Avery, 16, of Coconut Creek; and Dwight Henry, 17, of North Miami Beach — will be held in juvenile detention for 21 days while state prosecutors decide whether they will be charged as adults. When Montes and Avery were picked up by police, they admitted to the beating but denied stripping the accuser of her clothes.

Montes’ cellphone, however, contained several video clips of the attack, including the forcible removal of the girl’s clothing.

According to police reports, the violent encounter occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Friday at Woolfork’s home in the 1600 block of McKinley Street. Police say Montes asked the girl to Woolfork’s home, where they listened to music and watched TV until Woolfork, Singleton, Henry and Avery joined them from another part of the home and demanded that the girl have sex with “Jay” or face a beating.

When she refused, they punched her, kicked her and dragged her by the hair into the backyard, where they pushed her down stairs and smashed her head on the concrete.

When they dragged her back inside, Henry allegedly blocked the front door and said: “If you leave, I am going to f— you up!” She was next dragged into a bedroom, where the teens stripped off her clothes and held her down while Woolfork raped her.

The report says that after the assault, the girl was allowed to leave — minus her shoes — and she made her way to her grandmother’s nearby home.

The girl’s grandmother called police Saturday morning. When they met with the girl at 7:18 a.m. Saturday, she was covered in bruises, had broken bones in her face, had “extreme swelling” of both eyes, blood coming from her left ear and was in and out of consciousness. She was taken to an emergency room.

She was unable to name or describe her attackers, but she identified Woolfork out of a photo lineup.

16-Year-Old Florida Girl Held Down By Classmates, Raped On Videotape: Cops. HuffPo Crime, 11/5/2013.

UPDATE: Exclusive: New Videos Released In Attack On Hollywood Teen. CBSMiami, 1/9/2014./2014.

Hollywood Police say the videos depict Ericka Avery and Patricia Montes relentlessly punching and kicking the victim while telling her that the beating will cease if she has sex with a man named Jayvon Woolfork. Last month prosecutors showed a series of videos in court of the attack from inside the house. These new videos show what occurred before the attack moved inside.

As the videos begin, the victim is on the ground being dragged on the ground and sustaining a series of blows from her attackers. Voices recorded on the videos refer to the victim having been maced. At one point, one of the females is heard asking, “Are you recording again?” before walking over to the victim and forcefully slapping her in the head.

The videos reveal that at least two young men were watching the beating. One of the men is heard saying, “They don’t like this girl.” One of the females responds, “I told you we were gonna f— somebody up.”

During a break in the attack, when the victim is trying to regain her composure, one of the women is heard saying the victim should be let go, “Just let this girl get up and go home.”

But one of the men is heard saying that the victim has to stay to perform a sex act.

In the new videos, we see one of the men refusing to allow the victim to go outside to smoke a cigarette and again demanding that she have sex with Woolfork.

The victim told police that Montes, Avery, Dwight Henry and Lanel Singleton dragged her into a room and held her down while Woolfork raped her.

Hours later at a hospital, the victim spoke to police about the attack. A detective asked her why the young women beat her and the victim said “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.”

The victim also told police “I just don’t ever want to see them again. I mean, I thought Patricia, I thought they were my friends. And for them to do something like that, it’s just really messed up and cruel, and sick in the head.”

The victim also told police that before she left the house Ericka Avery spit on her.

PT Officer “acting erratically” Takes Colleague Hostage, Finally Shoots Self to Death

David Midas, 33, worked part-time for the Lansford, Pa. police department. He’d been with them for 11 years. Late Friday, another officer described Midas as “acting erratically,” according to the Morning Call. He said Midas came into the police station and left with ammunition and a car. He took another officer, identified as Chris Ondrus, hostage and went on a wild car ride.

Midas drove from Lansford, which is about 90 miles northwest of Philadelphia into Jim Thorpe, which is about ten miles away in Carbon County.

State police say Midas was driving along Broadway in the middle of downtown Jim Thorpe, when the two officers got into a struggle.

During that fight, Midas shot himself in the head, according to Pennsylvania State Police. Initially, police had said Midas was shot by Ondrus.

Officer Kills Himself After Taking Another Officer Hostage. NBC 10 Philadelphia, 10/26/2013.

Man Shoots Hostages in Car Trunk, Gunned Down by Police

And others were found dead:

Nearly two hours later a sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect’s car and a pursuit began. The suspect fired at least 10 times from inside his black Dodge Dart, and tried to run vehicles off the road. No motorists were hurt, Youngblood said.

At one point during the chase, which lasted more than 40 minutes, the suspect pulled over and the car’s trunk popped open, revealing a man and woman inside. They appeared to shut the trunk, the sheriff said.

At the end, the man pulled over again on U.S. 395 and began shooting into the trunk. As many as seven officers opened fire, killing him.

The hostages were flown to a hospital. Their conditions were unknown.

At the original crime scene in the city of Ridgecrest, about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, a woman was found dead and a man was wounded, Youngblood said.

The suspect apparently knew all of the victims, he said.

Mojave Desert Shooting Spree Ends With Dead Suspect. HuffPo Crime, 10/25/2013.

“demons are coming after you”: Former Exchange Student Assaults Woman Who Hosted Him

Shouting at Montfort that “demons are coming after you,” Franchi repeatedly choked and assaulted the woman during an attack that lasted for nearly 10 hours, city police said.

… Montfort said Franchi began displaying odd behavior and that 10 days ago an argument resulted in Franchi slapping her in the face, grabbing her wrist and destroying a glass coffee table.

Things got worse Friday night after Montfort chastised Franchi for leaving a wet towel on a wooden chair. They argued for an hour. Franchi then woke Montfort around 2 a.m., grabbing her left wrist and repeating warnings about “demons.”

Franchi pinned the woman on the bed and said he’d have to kill her to get rid of the demons, according to the arrest report. Franchi began choking Montfort to the point the woman nearly passed out.

Franchi released his grip only to begin choking Montfort with a cord. He then tried to smother Montfort with a pillow, the woman told police.

Montfort said Franchi made her “kneel” and “bow” in submission. Franchi also punched Montfort, destroyed her cellphone and struck her in the head with a vanity mirror.

Eventually, Montfort managed to break away and barricaded herself in a bathroom. Montfort cried for help but Franchi blasted loud music from a stereo to drown out her screams.

Boynton Beach police: One-time exchange student beat, terrorized former host. The Palm Beach Post, 9/23/2013.

When Girl Refuses Money for Sex, Scumbag Runs Her over with His SUV

It was around 7 p.m. Sunday when authorities say Adrian Mendez, 21, offered a 14-year-old girl $200 to have sex with him, which the girl refused. Mendez became angry at the refusal, snatched the girl up by her hair, and pulled her into his vehicle on Wall Street in Eustis.

The girl put up a fight, but Mendez choked the girl until she lost consciousness. When the girl regained consciousness she was laying on the side of the road.

According to detectives, a witness said they saw a dark SUV intentionally speed forward, spinning the tires on top of the girl.

Adrian Mendez Kidnapped A 14-Year-Old Girl. Ocala Post, 9/23/2013.

What kind of half-assed headline is this?

“Active shooter” in Denver Wounded, 1 Hostage Dead

The other hostage is injured.

Police identified the shooting suspect as 31-year-old Daniel Abeyta.

The Denver bomb squad spent the afternoon working in the area of South Irving Street, near West Evans Avenue, where booby-trapped incendiary devices remained after the shooter was shot by police.

Denver Police Chief Robert White reported that the shooter is suspected of killing one woman found dead inside a home in the area. A second woman in another home nearby was shot in the leg and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

The chief said the suspect was shot in the chest by police after officers saw him shooting at a propane cannister as officers closed in.

“As they were approaching, the suspect fired one shot at a makeshift incendiary device, which was activated,” White explained.

“We’re going to take the shot, take the shot,” an officer said on police radio, captured by

…Sources tell 7NEWS one of the shooting victims is the man’s estranged wife. The 26-year-old woman took out a restraining order against him several years ago, court records say. The man and woman both filed for divorced in 2008 and 2009, but the case summary indicates the divorce was never finalized.

…The 31-year-old suspect has a criminal history that includes an arrested for felony menacing with a deadly weapon and felony child abuse in 2007. He pleaded guilty to destruction of property and the menacing charge was dropped. That case also prompted a mandatory protection order for the victim.

Hostage dead, suspect critical after ‘active shooter’ situation on South Irving St. 7News/, 8/16/2013.

Caught on Video & At-Large: Man Beats, Kidnaps Woman, 6-Year-Old Boy Left Behind in Hotel: Update

Someone, help catch this sick motherfucker. The sickening video is here. I hope, but do not believe, the kidnap victim is still alive. Why didn’t anyone try to intervene or stop it? Is this still a country where people think a man beating the shit out of a women is “personal business”?

The violent confrontation unfolded inside the lobby of the Holiday Inn Hotel on Loyola Avenue, where at least two security cameras are focused on guests.

Surveillance video shows a woman speaking to what appears to be a hotel employee when just before 5 a.m. A man wearing a red shirt walks in, pulls the woman aside and starts to get violent. The unidentified woman is then pulled out of the hotel lobby and brutally beaten several times.

Another woman runs up to the couple and seems to be pleading with the man to stop. He pulls the half-conscious woman towards a nearby red car, but is stopped by that second woman. He finally manages to pull his victim into a silver or light colored BMW-type car and then drives away.

“If people really understood the whole scenario and really understood the dynamics of domestic violence and the power and control of relationships that go on. I think they’d have more sympathy and understanding of what these women are going through,” said Landry.

The domestic violence expert hopes the brutal attack and kidnapping will help police track down the trio captured in the disturbing footage.

“There’s got to be people in the community that know these people. Family members or friends will call. Because obviously this woman needs help,” said Landry.

The NOPD says a six-year-old boy was discovered inside a hotel room booked by someone in that group. The child is now in protective custody.

Hotel beating, kidnapping caught on camera; police search for trio., 8/16/2013.

Email report from NOPD:

NOPD’s Eighth District Detectives has issued a warrant for 35-year-old Elvin Terrell, who’s wanted for yesterday’s early morning violent domestic attack and Kidnapping. The incident occurred around 4:50 A.M., inside of a hotel lobby in the 300 block of Loyola Ave.

Detectives learned that an argument and physical altercation took place with a male and female inside of the lobby. Detectives viewed the surveillance footage and observed a male arguing with a female, afterwards a physical altercation ensued. After the attack, Terrell put the female in a vehicle and fled. Another woman shown in the video and appears to be with the couple.

Through further investigation, detectives found a 6-year-old boy inside of the room that was rented by one of the individuals involved in the incident. Detectives have made contact with a female claiming to be the mother however, detectives can’t confirm if she is the parent. The unidentified woman claiming to be the child’s mother has not cooperated with the NOPD at this time.

The child was not injured and is in good health and is in protective custody and this time.

…Once apprehended Elvin Terrell will be charged with Domestic Battery, One count of Simple Kidnapping and Cruelty to a Juvenile.


Elvin Terrell


UPDATE: Suspect arrested in videotaped beating, kidnapping., 8/18/2013.

A spokesman said that 35-year-old Elvin Terrell walked into Orleans Parish Prison around 5:30 p.m.

Terrell was charged with one count of domestic second-degree battery, one count of domestic kidnapping, child desertion, child endangering and cruelty to a juvenile.

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