Man Kills 2 Hostages, Killed by Police in Bank

During negotiations with law enforcement late Tuesday, the suspect – identified as 20-year-old Fuaed (FOO-od) Abdo Ahmed – said he was going to kill the hostages, Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said. State police then entered the building just before midnight Tuesday.

That’s when Ahmed shot the two hostages and then state police shot and killed him, Edmonson said. Edmonson said the hostages were shot in the upper body. He did not have any other information on the condition of the second hostage who was shot.

… The gunman initially took two women and a man captive around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Tensas State Bank branch in St. Joseph. He later released one of the female hostages.

… Edmonson said Ahmed was a mentally unstable man who believed a device had been implanted in his brain and said the standoff was not a bank robbery attempt but a planned attack. Ahmed had written a letter “detailing exactly what he was going to do,” Edmonson said.

“He was mad at people that he said were mean to him,” he said. “He had voices in his head.”

But Edmonson said there was no indication Ahmed had any history with the bank employees and authorities did not know why he picked the bank. The bank sits across the street from a service station owned by Ahmed’s family.

… The suspect also had a duffel bag containing items he was going to torture the hostages with, Edmonson said.

Fuaed Abdo Ahmed Dead: Suspected Gunman Killed By Police After Shooting 2 Hostages. HuffPo Crime, 8/14/2013.

“a good son” Sets a Fire, Kills 6, Takes 2 Hostages and Dies in Police Shootout

In the final hours, Pedro Vargas, 42, held two people hostage at gunpoint for up to three hours in their apartment until a SWAT team entered and killed him, police said. The hostages were not hurt.

“The crime scene is the whole building,” said Lt. Carl Zogby, a spokesman with the Hialeah Police Department.

Police were called to the aging, five-story apartment building in Hialeah, a working class suburb a few miles northwest of downtown Miami, on Friday at 6:30 p.m. The first calls reported a fire, but when firefighters arrived, they heard shots and immediately notified police, Zogby said.

Vargas, who has no known criminal record, set a combustible liquid on fire in his fourth-floor apartment. Building manager Italo Pisciotti, 79, and his wife, Camira Pisciotti, 69, saw smoke and ran to the unit, Zogby said. When they arrived, Vargas opened the door and fired, killing both.

…After gunning down the building managers, Vargas went back into his burning apartment and fired 10 to 20 shots from a 9mm pistol into the street. One of the bullets struck 33-year-old Carlos Javier Gavilanes, who was parking his car after returning home from work. Zogby said his body was found next to his vehicle.

The gunman then kicked his way into a third-floor apartment, where he shot to death Patricio Simono, 54; his wife Merly Niebles, 51; and their 17-year-old daughter. Family members said Simono worked at a car wash and Niebles cleaned hotel rooms. Their daughter wanted to be a nurse.

All six people were killed in a short time span, Zogby said, and it’s possible they were all dead by the time police arrived.

Officers and Vargas then engaged in an hours-long shootout and chase, with police following the gunman from one floor to the next.

…Several hours into the ordeal, Vargas forced his way into a fifth-story unit and held two people captive. Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez said negotiators and a SWAT team tried talking with him from the other side of the door.

Miriam Valdes, 70, was in a friend’s apartment two doors down. She said she heard officers trying to convince Vargas to surrender.

“Pedro let these people out,” Valdes said officers told him. “We’re going to help you.”

… Rodriguez said the talks eventually “just fell apart.” Officers stormed the building, fatally shooting the gunman in an exchange of gunfire. Zogby said Vargas still had several rounds of ammunition when he was killed.

“He was ready to fight,” Zogby said.

…”He was a good son,” said Ester Lazcano, who lived on the same floor as Vargas and his mother.

Florida Shooting: 7 Dead In Hialeah Apartment Shootout, Including Gunman (VIDEO, PHOTOS). HuffPo Crime, 7/27/2013.

Police Officer Gone BAD: 20-Year Vet Kills Girlfriend As She Talks to Cops

Two Baltimore police officers arrived at a fellow officer’s home to investigate a reported domestic assault. They heard a woman inside calling for help, and when nobody answered the door, they kicked the door in and brought Kendra Diggs out.

James Smith, 49, ran upstairs as an officer implored him to come and talk. The other officer stood on the sidewalk next to Diggs, her face bleeding from a small wound. A shot rang out from a second-story window, authorities say. Diggs, shot in the head, hit the ground, and Smith and his fellow officers commenced a six-hour standoff.

…Diggs worked as a Maryland Transit Administration bus driver for 13 years, an MTA official said. She was wearing her work uniform when the two Western District officers responded to the domestic call Tuesday, according to charging documents.

When the officers arrived at the brick townhouse in the 1100 block of N. Parrish St., police say, they heard a woman yelling, “Help me, help me.”

A man shouted, “Go away.”

After the officers escorted Diggs outside, police say, they saw Smith run upstairs, refusing to come down to talk.

Diggs had warned the officers he had a gun, police say. When the gunshot rang out, they fled for cover. Under the threat of more gunfire, emergency workers were unable to reach Diggs, who remained on the sidewalk. After about an hour, tactical officers were able to pick her up and take her to an ambulance. She was pronounced dead at Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

…”They were talking to her, they were interviewing her when she was literally shot right in front of them,” [Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi] said. “The window of time was very quick. … You’re not expecting to go to a home of a police officer, someone you work side by side with, who engages you in a gunbattle.”

Family members say victim, police officer were engaged. The Baltimore Sun, 5/8/13.

Man Takes Firefighters Hostage, Demands Cable Be Restored

Minutes before the police announcement on the resolution, a huge blast could be heard a quarter-mile away from the home, shuddering through the Suwanee neighborhood, setting off car alarms.

Earlier Wednesday, five firefighters responded to what seemed like a routine medical call and were eventually taken hostage by an unidentified suspect inside the house, police said. The gunman released one of the firefighters to move a fire truck but held the other four.

Dozens of police and rescue vehicles surrounded the home and a negotiator was keeping in touch with the gunman, police said. The situation remained tense until the blast rocked the neighborhood of mostly two-story homes and well-kept lawns. Residents unable to get into their neighborhood because of the police cordon flinched and recoiled as the enormous blast went off.

Soon after the stun blast, officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect and a SWAT member was shot in the hand or arm, but should be fine, said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Edwin Ritter. Ritter would not saw how the gunman was fatally shot, saying it was being investigated.

“The explosion you heard was used to distract the suspect, to get into the house and take care of business,” Ritter said in a news conference minutes after the resolution….

The gunman, who has not been identified, demanded several utilities be restored, Ritter said. According to public records, the home is in foreclosure and has been bank-owned since mid-November.

“It’s an unfortunate circumstance we did not want to end this way,” Ritter said. “But with the decisions this guy was making, this was his demise.”

Gunman Killed After Holding Firefighters Hostage. HuffPo Crime, 4/10/2013.

Sportsman Channel Host Killed in Murder-Suicide

A Montana man shot and killed Gregory Rodriguez, the host of the Sportsman Channel show “A Rifleman’s Journal,” when the shooter found the TV personality visiting his wife, police said Friday.

Wayne Bengston, 41, then beat his wife, took his 2-year-old son to a relative’s house and drove to his home about 25 miles away in West Glacier, where he apparently killed himself, Whitefish police said.

The victim, Rodriguez, was 43, from Sugar Land, Texas. Bengston’s wife told police that Rodriguez was in town on business and visiting her at her mother’s house in Whitefish when her husband showed up Thursday night.

Gregory Rodriguez, Sportsman Channel host of “A Rifleman’s Journal,” killed by gunman who also killed himself, Mont. police say. Crimesider, 3/8/2013.

Pregnant 15-Year Old Kidnapped by Stepfather

The DHR worker had taken [15-year-old Ailene] Lander to a doctor’s appointment at the medical center when the worker and Lander were approached by the girl’s step-father, 36-year-old Charles Partin.

Partin took the girl to an older two-tone light blue over dark blue 1994 Mercury Villager van Alabama tag #34B26K3 or #38D18W2 and left the parking lot. Partin and Lander haven’t been seen since leaving the medical center.

Sources that claim to know the teen say Lander is pregnant, however authorities will not go on record with that information. Lander is currently legally under the care of DHR for unspecified reasons due to an ongoing investigation.

FBI stepping in to investigate kidnapping of pregnant Dothan teen., 9/18/12.

Man Kills 3, Disappears with 4-Year-Old Daughter

Kevin Matthew Cleeves was trying to contact his wife Friday to make arrangements to pick up his daughter Leia, but his wife didn’t answer the phone, so he went to a home in Quincy Township, the (Waynesboro) Record-Herald reported, citing court records.

Police said Cleeves, 35, found a woman and a man sitting in a car and began arguing with them, then was ordered to leave. He then shot to death both of them as well as another woman and took the girl, authorities alleged.

Kevin Cleeves Found After Allegedly Killing 3, Fleeing With Daughter Leia To Ohio. HuffPo Crime, 7/28/12.

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