“He wasn’t crazy. He knew what he was doing”: Guardsman Guns Down Woman and Her Wife

Authorities say Adrian Loya, 31, of Virginia, entered the Bourne home Lisa shared with her wife, Anna Trubnikova, and shot them both. Anna Trubnikova, also a Coast Guard petty officer, remains hospitalized.

Bourne police Officer Jared MacDonald, who was shot in the back in the chaotic scene, also remains hospitalized.

Lisa Trubnikova’s relatives said that Loya was stationed with the two women in Alaska several years ago, and became infatuated with Lisa. After the couple moved to the Cape, he continued to pursue her romantically, although she showed no interest, relatives said.

“He became obsessed,” one family member said, who asked not to be identified in deference to the criminal investigation. “He was fixated on her.”

Relatives said they did not believe Lisa Trubnikova had reported his behavior to the Coast Guard, believing she could handle the situation on her own.

Investigators are also looking to see whether Loya had visited Massachusetts before Tuesday, when he checked into a hotel near the condominium complex.

“I think there was a significant amount of planning involved,’’ O’Keefe said.

Berlanga said the attack was clearly calculated, and that Loya should be held criminally responsible.

“He wasn’t crazy,” he said. “He knew what he was doing.”

O’Keefe said that during the attack, which was carried out early Thursday, Loya allegedly was armed with two rifles, both of which fired .223 caliber ammunition, the same as used by the military, and a shotgun. He also had a 9mm pistol. When he was taken into custody, Loya was not near any of the weapons, which were recovered from several locations.

He also opened fire on police who rushed to the scene, authorities said, then used a burning car to block the road into the condominium complex.

O’Keefe said that despite coming under heavy gunfire, and seeing an officer shot down, police did not return fire. Police used “great restraint’’ in the chaotic situation, keenly aware that many people lived nearby, he said.

We know this “restraint” is because he’s a white guy. Just saying.

Accused gunman ‘fixated’ on Bourne shooting victim., 2/6/2015.

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