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3 Shot in Head over a “punked” Video, Killer Claims He Only Meant to Shoot 1

[Andrew Joseph “Punchy”] Lobban told investigators that he only intended to shoot Josue “Sway” Santiago, 25, of Ocala, the report said. The other victims — Benjamin Larz Howard, 23, of Belleview, and Jerry Lamar Bynes Jr., 20, of Ocala — he shot by accident, Lobban reportedly told police….

Lobban had gone to a local shooting range with one of the victims, likely Santiago, said Scroble. At some point during that visit Lobban tried to fire a gun and it misfired, she said.

The incident was taped, and the video was shared among all of the victims, all of whom worked with Lobban as bouncers at the Ocala Entertainment Complex.

They laughed at Lobban and teased him about it, police said, which seemed to anger him….

Each victim was shot once in the head, with Santiago and Bynes, whose nickname was Junior, sustaining fatal wounds to the back of the skull, the affidavit states.

Man killed 3 in revenge for humiliation, Ocala police say. Ocala Star Banner/ocala.com, 6/3/2013.

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