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Inspired by Sermon, Woman Drowns Toddler, Poisons 10-Year Old

Kimberly Dawn Lucas was arrested and is being held at Palm Beach County Jail after she allegedly tried to poison both children Monday afternoon and allegedly drowned the girl in the bathtub.

Lucas and her longtime partner had raised the boy and girl since their birth.

On Wednesday, details emerged about a note left by Lucas that references a sermon she heard at Metropolitan Community Church on Sunday, the day before the death of the little girl.

According to the police report, police found a computer left on in the home where the murder of 2-year-old Elliana and the attempted murder of 10-year-old Ethan took place, with a message for whoever found it.

“In YOUR WORDS “WHEN YOU ARE LAYING IN BED AT NIGHT REMEMBER YOU FUCKING DID THIS TO YOURSELF!” the note says. “Lea’s sermon really, really touched me yesterday but God never told me to stop.
“Hell is what we (go) through on Earth. Enjoyed your life with possiblego out without us, he manage but give you finally what you what want because apparently over the past 20 years I was not able to. Love you Always Kimberly.”

…Police say the note left behind references the sermon given by Metropolitan Community Church Pastor Dr. Lea Brown.

“Her sermon covered Genesis 22, in which God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac,” the police report says. “But at the last minute, God stops him from doing so.”

Dr. Brown confirmed to police that Lucas and Ethan had attended the church service the Sunday before the tragedy and also confirmed giving a sermon on Genesis 22.

“It’s what I was called to do,” Brown told CBS12. “There’s no way anyone could have predicted this.”

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