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Man Shoots Hostages in Car Trunk, Gunned Down by Police

And others were found dead:

Nearly two hours later a sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect’s car and a pursuit began. The suspect fired at least 10 times from inside his black Dodge Dart, and tried to run vehicles off the road. No motorists were hurt, Youngblood said.

At one point during the chase, which lasted more than 40 minutes, the suspect pulled over and the car’s trunk popped open, revealing a man and woman inside. They appeared to shut the trunk, the sheriff said.

At the end, the man pulled over again on U.S. 395 and began shooting into the trunk. As many as seven officers opened fire, killing him.

The hostages were flown to a hospital. Their conditions were unknown.

At the original crime scene in the city of Ridgecrest, about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, a woman was found dead and a man was wounded, Youngblood said.

The suspect apparently knew all of the victims, he said.

Mojave Desert Shooting Spree Ends With Dead Suspect. HuffPo Crime, 10/25/2013.

Man Speeds from Murder Scene, Crashes After 40-Mile Chase THEN Kills Himself

El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on Oasis Avenue on Monday. Investigators said they found the two women dead in the home and then saw a man take off.

That started a chase. The man ended up on Highway 94 headed east into Lincoln County. He then turned north on Highway 71, about 40 miles from the start of the chase. He crashed near there — just north of County Road 2E. Then authorities say he took his own life with a gun.

“The suspect then killed himself quickly. Then we had two scenes where the crash occurred and suspect took his life, as well as the original scene back at Oasis,” Jeff Kramer with the El Paso Sheriff Office said.

Police: 3 Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide. CBS4 Denver, 6/25/2013.

James Buchanan home site of double murder: Presumed gunman kills himself after chase. Westword.com, 6/26/2013.

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