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World Gone Bad: Market Fight Leaves 4 Stabbed to Death, 1 Shot to Death by Police

But reports from Changsha indicate it stemmed from a dispute that erupted between two food sellers.

The knife fight left one of them dead, police in Changsha said in an online statement. The other fled and hacked at four more people while on the run before he was shot dead by police, police said.

Two of the four people died at the scene and the other two died in a hospital, police said.

Five people hacked to death after knife fight in China, suspect shot by cops. NY Daily News, 3/14/2014.

Man Beats Bus Driver, Tastes Driver’s Blood

The surveillance video starts with the bus driver repeatedly telling a belligerent passenger to get off the bus. It happened on an Intercity Transit bus, Route 47 in Olympia Tuesday afternoon.

“When I got on, he was shouting obscenities,” said River Nason, who was one of several riders on the bus watching the situation escalate.

The driver eventually pulled over and walked to the back of the bus.

You can hear the driver yell “Get off my bus!” and “Why don’t you leave?” repeatedly to the passenger.

The passenger finally walks to the exit, but refuses to leave. The driver then tried pushing the passenger out the door.

That’s when the passenger starts punching him repeatedly in the face and the chest.

Nason tries to step in to stop the beating, but there was one frightening moment that made him back off. The bus driver was bleeding and the attacker actually tasted his blood.

“That was the point that I said ‘I’m getting out of here,’” said Nason. “I’m stepping off the bus.”

‘Savage’ attack on bus driver caught on video., 2/26/2014.

6′ 3″, 250 lb Naked Man Assaults Retired Cop, Bites Teen’s Face, Shot Dead by Deputies

The scene unfolded at about 8:30 p.m. on South Military Trail, north of Lake Ida Road and near The Colony at Delray Beach community. The man, who was not wearing any clothing, was walking north on Military Trail when, for reasons unknown, he assaulted a 66-year-old retired New York City police officer, Bradshaw said.

…The naked man, described as being about 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, then continued north on Military toward the entrance to the Colony where began chasing a man and the man’s 10-year-old son. At some point, the man began fighting with an 18-year-old man and he started biting the 18-year-old on the face, Bradshaw said.

The 18-year-old attempted to defend himself with a box cutter knife. The teen sustained serious injuries during the fight and was taken to Delray Medical. Deputies arriving on the scene tried to calm the attacker, Bradshaw said. Deputies attempted to subdue the man with a Taser, but were unsuccessful.

… At that point, a sheriff’s sergeant fired three shots, one to the torso and two the lower part of the man’s body. The man was rushed to Delray Medical Center where he died.

Naked man attacks 1, chases 2, bites teen in face before he was shot, killed by deputies near Delray. The Palm Beach Post, 2/4/2014.

Woman Missing after Man Drags Her out of a BK by the Hair

The complainant/witness advised that she observed the listed victim walk into the lobby of the restaurant and proceed to the ladies bathroom. The female victim exited the bathroom and subsequently exited the restaurant for a short time, before re-entering and again walking into the ladies bathroom. Suspect 1 followed the victim into the bathroom, at which time, the witness overheard a commotion. The witness entered the bathroom and observed the suspect and the victim in the bathroom stall. The victim was on the ground and her head was being pushed into the toilet by the suspect. The witness told the subjects that they needed to leave and both got up and began to walk out. Prior to exiting, the suspect forcefully grabbed the victim by the hair and pulled her out of the restaurant. It was then that a silver Infinity G35 (2009-2011 model; 4 door; spoiler in the rear; and a University of Miami sticker in the back window) drove up to them. Suspect 2 was the driver of the vehicle. Prior to entering the vehicle, Suspect 1 was overheard saying, “You’re going to die today and I’m going to be the one to do it”. Suspect 1 then forced the victim into the front seat, got into the front seat as well, and they exited the parking lot and drove southbound on Douglas Rd.

See video in a newscast at CBSMiami.

Press release. Pembroke Pines Police Department, 1/5/2014.

Man Who Stops to Help Woman Killed in Hit-&-Run Double Murder-Attempted Murder

Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday Patrick Balbastro, 32, and a female passenger, were driving home when he saw a man assaulting a woman in the 2200 block of East Sunland Vista, near East 36th Street and South Campbell Avenue.

Balbastro called 911 to report the altercation and told the emergency dispatcher he had to help the woman, said Sgt. Chris Widmer, spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. Multiple calls were made to 911 regarding the assault.

When Balbastro got out of his car to help the woman, the suspect attacked him. At some point during the attack, the passenger got out of in Balbastro’s car, Widmer said.

After the assault, the suspect got into Balbastro’s car and “aggressively use the vehicle as a weapon to strike all three victims multiple times,” Widmer said.

The suspect fled the scene and abandoned the vehicle after colliding into a tree near East Sunland Vista and South Campbell Avenue. He may have been injured in the crash, Widmer said.

The woman who was assaulted, Cindy Burnett, 47, died at the scene. Balbastro succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Balbastro’s 43-year-old passenger is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, Widmer said.

Good Samaritan killed in hit-and-run double homicide. Arizona Daily Star, 1/2/2014.

Campus Cop Gone Bad: Kills Unarmed Student Who Said “Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?”

“I heard (a man) say, ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ like sarcastic almost,” said Mohammad Haidarasl, 22, who was on his couch in his ground-floor unit at the Treehouse Apartments in Alamo Heights at about 2 a.m.

Less than a minute later, Haidarasl heard four to six gunshots.

“I jumped up and hid in my closet,” he said.

Haidarasl didn’t look out the window until he heard emergency vehicles converging on the quiet apartment complex. It wasn’t until later that he realized the person shot was his upstairs neighbor, whom he described as “the nicest guy.”

[Robert Cameron] Redus, 23, would have graduated from UIW in May, university officials said. He was on the dean’s list in fall 2012 and spring 2013, the university’s website noted.

…He launched into his story again, explaining that he heard the officer say more than once, “Stop resisting, stop resisting.”

He thought he heard a struggle, he said.

“Then the cop said, ‘I’m going to shoot,’” Haidarasl said.

And that, Haidarasl added, was what garnered the off-handed, sarcastic comment from their neighbor.

Then the silence, followed by gunfire.

UIW police officer involved in fatal shooting. San Antonio Express-News, 12/6/2013.

Country Singer Killed over Smoking in Non-Smoking Section

Wayne Mills, 44, was shot by Pit and Barrel bar owner Chris Ferrell, police said. Ferrell told police he shot Mills in self-defense following an argument over Mills smoking in the bar. Mills later died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“We’re investigating Chris Ferrell’s claims of self-defense,” said Kris Mumford, a police spokeswoman. Ferrell is not in custody and there have been no arrests, she said.

Mills toured with the Wayne Mills Band, which often performed on the college circuit. The music was “outlaw/southern rock flavored,” according to the band’s website. Early in their careers, country music stars Jamey Johnson and Blake Shelton and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks had all opened for the band.

…Both Ferrell and Mills have prior arrest records. Ferrell was arrested twice for driving on a suspended license. Both charges were dismissed. Wayne Mills had prior convictions for driving under the influence and for reckless endangerment.

Investigation continues in fatal shooting of country music singer Wayne Mills by downtown bar owner. The Tennessean, 11/24/2013.

“Yeah, I pulled his a– out of the car and beat the f— out of him”: Body Charged for Beating 82-Year-Old Man

Sophia Body, of the 8100 block of South Maryland Avenue, was charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery of a senior citizen, police said. Body was ordered held on $2 million bail in court Sunday morning.

…A police investigation determined that after the victim accidentally bumped one of the women with his vehicle, Body said on the scene: “Yeah, I pulled his a– out of the car and beat the f— out of him,” according to a police report.

The owner of a nearby convenience store had video surveillance which they were able to show responding officers.

The victim, of the South Side’s Brainerd neighborhood, suffered lacerations to the upper and lower back and bleeding to his head, police said. He was taken to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, where his condition had stabilized, police said.

$2 million bail for woman accused of beating man, 82. Chicago Tribune, 11/10/2013.

Sister, 19, Kills Brother, 18, with Family Minivan, Drags Him 100 Feet, Flees Scene

According to police records, Martinez-Rodriguez and her brother, Jesus Martinez, were arguing outside their home in Elsmere, Delaware Tuesday afternoon. Martinez-Rodriguez told police that she and Jesus both got out of the car but then she got back in behind the wheel. She told police that she was afraid her brother was going to hit her. Witnesses said one of the siblings used a baseball bat during the fight.

Police say Martinez-Rodriguez told them she slammed the gas pedal to make a u-turn and ran over Jesus. Her family says she fled in a panic.

… Neighbors who saw what happened said Martinez-Rodriguez fled crying and screaming.

She was later arrested at a nearby McDonald’s….

Teen Strikes, Kills Brother With Van. NBC 10 Philadelphia, 11/7/2013.

Because of “Argument,” Man Sets Friend, His RV on Fire

An argument between friends on the city’s South Side ended in a fiery fashion early Friday when one of them doused the other with gasoline and set him on fire, San Antonio police said.

Police Chief William McManus said the victim was burned 80 to 90 percent of his body.

… The suspect also suffered burns. Both men were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center.

McManus said the men were outside a small office building in the 1900 block of Mauermann Road near Applewhite Road at 6:30 a.m., when the argument erupted.

After the suspect set the victim on fire, he then set fire to the victim’s RV, McManus said. The flames spread to the nearby office building.

The susepct then drove off in his pickup truck and and crashed in a deep ditch in a rugged area not far from the original scene.

Man doused with gasoline, set on fire in San Antonio. KSAT, 10/11/2013.

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