Quebec City (Quebec Canada)

World Gone Bad: Inmates Use Helicopter to Escape Canadian Jail

The men escaped from a detention center Saturday night in Quebec City.

“A helicopter touched down briefly in the courtyard before taking off with the three prisoners,” Ann Mathieu, a spokeswoman for Quebec Provincial Police, told CNN

…A manhunt is under way for Yves Denis Yvon Lamontagne, 35, Denis Lefebvre, 53, and Serge Pomerleau, 49.

The first two men were arrested in a drug bust in 2010 and were awaiting trial. Police found weapons, dozens of cars and a plane during the bust, it said. There was no information provided on the third suspect.

It marks the second brazen jail escape in Canada in a little more than a year.

In March 2013, two men posing as tourists commandeered a helicopter from a Canadian tour company, ordered the pilot to fly over a detention center near Montreal, hoisted two inmates into the hovering aircraft using cables — and zipped away.

3 men escape from Canadian jail using helicopter. CNN, 6/8/2014.

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