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12-Year Old Survives Family Murder-Suicide, Calls 911

In the quiet of a pre-dawn Saturday on a dead-end street, a father came home and shot his family in their heads, leaving women in three generations dead and a wounded 12-year-old girl calling 911, police said.

“What I did, I cannot come back from,” Jonathon Walker told his brother by phone soon afterward, police said. And Walker did not come back – police said he killed himself in his car on a desolate street a few miles away, ending a burst of violence that stunned relatives who said the family hadn’t shown signs of trouble.

The 34-year-old security guard had killed his 7-year-old daughter, Kayla Walker; his 31-year-old girlfriend, Shantai Hale; and Hale’s mother, Viola Warren, 62. His and Hale’s older daughter, whom a relative identified as Christina Walker, was hospitalized in stable condition, police said.

The bloody scene unfolded suddenly and quickly – Walker showed up to the home at 5:38 a.m., and his 12-year-old daughter called 911 a few minutes afterward to report that her father had shot the family, Boyce said. When officers arrived three minutes later, Walker was gone.

They searched for his SUV and found it within hours, with Walker’s body and a .45-caliber gun inside, Boyce said.

The victims were found on the home’s floor, he said.

12-Year-Old Queens Girl Shot In Head Calls 911 After Father Murders Family. HuffPo Crime, 1/24/2015.

“I killed them because they are witches”: Man Beats Girlfriend + Daughter to Death with Hammer

Carlos Alberto Amarillo, 44, allegedly called 911 early Wednesday and said “two females are dead, they were assassinated, hurry, they are dead,” the Queens district attorney’s office said in a statement.

“I killed them because they are witches,” Amarillo reportedly said on the 911 call, according to the statement. “I want the police to kill me. I killed them with a hammer.”

A neighbor told CNN he heard the banging, apparently from the hammer blows, but no screaming.

When police arrived at the home where the 911 call was made, Amarillo was walking from the doorway to the street carrying a Bible. He allegedly told officers: “I killed them, I killed them,” according to the statement.

Police found the body of his girlfriend, Estrella Castaneda, 56, face up on a bed with a pillow over her face, the statement said. The rubber grip of a hammer was next to her body.

On the floor in a rear bedroom, police found the victim’s daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25, with injuries to her head, prosecutors said. The hammer was next to her body.

Lina Castaneda’s 7-year-old daughter was found unharmed on the bed in her mother’s room, authorities said.

…Camilo Alvarez, 23, who lives two houses down, said that about midnight Wednesday he heard a loud banging sound. He thought it might be his mother moving things around upstairs. Then, police officers arrived in front of his neighbor’s house.

“As awful as it sounds, I think that was the hammering,” Alvarez said. “Nobody heard screaming — that’s the weird part — so nobody called the police.”

D.A.: Man killed 2 women with a hammer, believed they were “witches”. CNN.com, 1/30/2014.

Man Stabs Wife to Death, Hugs and Kisses Daughters before Stabbing Them to Death

The bodies of Yoselin and her two daughters were found Sunday evening by a 12-year-old boy who shared the home with the family, sources and relatives said. They were undiscovered for nearly a day.

Mejia-Ramos told police he came home Saturday night after drinking beer with friends and flew into a jealous rage after seeing a photo of his wife with another man on her Facebook page and on her phone, prosecutors said.

He allegedly grabbed a knife from the butcher block in the room and stood over his wife and daughters while they slept, the complaint says.

His wife woke up and screamed, but he stabbed her — then grabbed another knife and stabbed her again after she ran away, twisting it into her side and breaking the knife, according to the complaint.

His daughter Daniela was awake, and he told police he picked her up, gave her a hug and kiss and asked for her forgiveness before putting her back on her bed and stabbing her, prosecutors said.

He also allegedly picked up his younger daughter, Yoselin, and hugged and kissed her before stabbing her to death.

Jamaica Man Asked Daughters for Forgiveness Before Killing Them: DA. DNAinfo New York, 1/22/2014.

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