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World Gone Bad: 74-Year-Old Politician Says Fatal Gang Rape Was Just a “Mistake”

During a rally in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, Mulayam Singh Yadav said his Samajwadi Party would try to change the law on punishments for rapists after India’s ongoing elections as he spoke out in defence of three men who have been sentenced to death for repeat sexual assaults.

“Three poor fellows have been sentenced to death. Should rape cases lead to hanging?” said the 74-year-old Yadav, whose party governs the electorally crucial state of Uttar Pradesh.

Yes. Rape should also not have to be fatal to be prosecuted or result in a strong penalty. If you treated someone’s house or pet like these gang rapists treated their victim, you’d be happy to get a few decades of prison time.

They are boys, they make mistakes,” he added in reference to the three who were sentenced to death by a court in Mumbai last week after they were convicted of taking part in two gang-rapes at the same place.

Rape is not a “mistake.” A person cannot be “accidentally” raped. No one can be or is an “accidental” gang rapist. Rape is an intentional crime of violation and humiliation and is a purposeful, terroristic proclamation to that specific woman and all women that at any time they can be, if they step out of “line,” degraded personally, politically, legally, morally.

Yadav’s remarks sparked a backlash on social media where #backingrapists and ‘Mulayam Singh’ were top trending topics on Twitter.

Good. But then he digs his disgusting hole deeper:

That anger was fuelled by rambling comments from the party’s leader in the state of Maharashtra who appeared to call for rape victims to be hanged along with their attackers on the grounds that they had extra-marital sex.

World. Gone. Bad.

Indian party leader expresses sympathy for three men who gang-raped student to death. The Raw Story, 4/11/2014.

Rapist Killed with Own Gun

A 26-year-old man was shot dead with his own gun after he sexually assaulted a woman at school construction site in the Bywater Thursday evening, New Orleans police said. The shooter, a man who was not identified, disarmed the woman’s attacker and opened fire around 9:30 p.m., police said early Friday.

The man who was killed approached the couple as they walked along the 3800 block of North Rampart Street at Alvar Street outside the old Frederick Douglass High School. The man brandished a gun and demanded the pair walk to a building undergoing renovation, NOPD said.

The assailant began assaulting the woman, NOPD said, and the other man was able to get ahold of the weapon.

Detectives interviewed the shooter and the woman who was assaulted and made no arrests. The case will be turned over to prosecutors for review.

Man shot dead with his own gun after sexually assaulting woman in Bywater, NOPD says.|Times-Picayune, 3/14/2014.

“[I]nsulted” Cruise Worker Rapes, Attempts to Kill Passenger—And Admits It

The vicious attack happened on the MS Nieuw Amsterdam, which departed from Port Everglades on Feb. 9, according to court records. The worker, Ketut Pujayasa, 28, was quickly detained on the ship and arrested by the FBI when it returned to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

…Pujayasa, who worked for Holland America Line, said he delivered breakfast the woman had ordered to her stateroom on Thursday. He said he knocked three times before the passenger acknowledged him and he claimed he heard a woman’s voice saying, “Wait a minute, son of a bitch!”

“Pujayasa stated that the passenger’s comment of ‘son of a bitch’ was offensive to himself and his parents. He was angry and upset the rest of the day,” FBI Special Agent David Nunez wrote in his report.

… “[He] stated that he then walked to the Lido deck on deck 9 in an attempt to locate the passenger from the stateroom who insulted him in order to punch her in the face for insulting him that morning. However, as he approached deck 9, he realized it was too crowded and decided to leave,” agents said.

Instead, he returned to the woman’s stateroom and used his company-issued master key to get into the woman’s room, although he was off duty, authorities said.

He told agents that he hid on the balcony and fell asleep on a chair there. When the woman returned, he went inside her room and immediately began choking her and punching her. He said he struck her with several items, including a laptop computer and a curling iron, and that he used a phone cord and curling iron cord to try to silence her screams and yells for help.

“[The woman] then continued to fight for her life by all means available including striking Pujayasa’s exposed genitals as well as utilizing a corkscrew in an attempt to stab him,” agents said Pujayasa told them.

Unable to silence the victim, Pujayasa told investigators that he tried to conceal his involvement by trying to throw her overboard, knowing that the ship was moving and that any attempt to find her “would be extremely difficult in hours of darkness.”

He said he stopped the attack because someone was persistently knocking on the woman’s stateroom door.

He escaped from the stateroom by jumping from balcony to balcony along the outside of the ship and, still naked below the waist, broke into another occupied stateroom and fled to the interior of the ship, he said to authorities.

When he returned to his staff cabin, he told his roommate to contact ship security because he had killed a passenger.

Cruise worker admits he raped, tried to throw passenger overboard, feds say., 2/18/2014.

Officers Gone Bad: 2 Bad Officers off the Streets [Update]

Police officer who made mentally ill black man ‘dance like a chimp’ removed from duty. The Raw Story, 11/24/2013.

The video, which the unnamed officer posted on various social media sites, allegedly shows the officer demanding a mentally challenged black man to “dance like a chimp.”

It is unclear whether the unnamed officer is solely responsible for the video, or if other officers were involved. The Grosse Pointe Park Police Department did inform its officers that they are prohibited from posting videos from personal cell phones on social media while on duty.

City officials declined to comment on the investigation until it concluded, but a public relations expert hired by the police department apologized on its behalf late last week.

Texas cop arrested for handcuffing and raping 19-year-old at traffic stop. The Raw Story, 11/24/2013.

According to an arrested warrant obtained by the San Antonio Express-News, Officer Jackie Len Neal pulled over the [19-year-old woman], telling her that her car was reported stolen.

Even though the woman produced a sales slip for the vehicle, Neal insisted on patting her down. The woman told him she felt uncomfortable with the pat down and asked for a female officer, but he ignored her, the warrant said. The woman was allegedly groped, placed in handcuffs and then taken to the back of his patrol car.

Neal was accused of raping the woman and instructing her to keep it a secret.

At the time of the alleged assault, video cameras mounted in Neal’s cruiser were not functioning because a hard drive was missing. However, a GPS tracking system did corroborate that the police cruiser was parked for 18 minutes on Betty Street as the woman had claimed.

At a press conference on Saturday, Police Chief William McManus said that Neal would have known the video recording system was not functioning in his cruiser.

…McManus confirmed that Neal had been suspended in September for dating an 18-year-old, who had joined the Police Explorer program in preparation for a law enforcement career. He had also been accused of sexual assault while on duty several years earlier, but the woman refused to cooperate with a police investigation and the charges were dropped.

UPDATE, 11/27/2013: Jackie Len Neal, Cop Who Allegedly Raped Handcuffed Teen, Went Looking For Her After Assault: Cops. HuffPo Crime.

A police report released Tuesday says the woman initially called 911 to report that she was being assaulted by another woman. According to the report, the woman told a responding officer that she “lied” — that she wanted to actually report a rape Friday by a San Antonio officer wearing a badge that said “R. Neal.”

Police eventually arrested Officer Jackie Len Neal, who is now accused of sexual assault. Police say Neal was found looking for the woman, having identified himself as “Jack.”

Parents Gone Bad: Father Rapes Daughters, Mother Tells Them To “say ‘No'” Next Time

The abuse came to light Tuesday (Nov. 12) when the 11-year-old girl told a school counselor that she had been raped, Fortunato said.

The girl said her father repeatedly forced her to perform oral sex on him and had done so since she was 6. The girl said her father similarly assaulted her older sister, Fortunato said.

School officials immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Office, and officers moved to interview the girls’ parents. The father confessed to the rapes, Fortunato said.

The mother told detectives she learned a year earlier that her husband was assaulting their daughters, an arrest report said. She also knew the rapes had occurred for several years, but made no effort to contact authorities, Fortunato said. Instead, she told her daughters that if their father asked again for oral sex, they should say “No,” the arrest report said.

The girls’ father was booked Tuesday at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center with two counts of aggravated rape. Their mother was booked with two counts of being an accessory after the fact to rape and two counts of cruelty to a juvenile, the report said.

Metairie father booked with raping daughters; mother booked with not contacting authorities.|Times Picayune, 11/13/2013.

4, Including 2 Girls, Assist in Beating and Video Recording of Rape [update]

Disgusting. All of them need the worst punishment possible. This gleeful recording of assaults on young women has to stop and to be stopped the perpetrators need to be punished severely. If the US will not teach its boys that girls and women are humans with dignity and agency, it will have to slam punks like these against the wall with twice the force these assholes used to smash their victim into a slab of concrete.

The rape suspect, Jayvon Woolfork, 19, stood next to one of his alleged accomplices, Lanel Singleton, 18, in tan jailhouse scrubs, their wrists cuffed behind their backs, as a judge ordered them jailed without bond Monday morning.

… When Singleton, from South Broward High, was arrested, he admitted to participating in and videotaping the attack.

The three accused minors, also from South Broward High — Patricia Montes, 15, of Hollywood; Erica Avery, 16, of Coconut Creek; and Dwight Henry, 17, of North Miami Beach — will be held in juvenile detention for 21 days while state prosecutors decide whether they will be charged as adults. When Montes and Avery were picked up by police, they admitted to the beating but denied stripping the accuser of her clothes.

Montes’ cellphone, however, contained several video clips of the attack, including the forcible removal of the girl’s clothing.

According to police reports, the violent encounter occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Friday at Woolfork’s home in the 1600 block of McKinley Street. Police say Montes asked the girl to Woolfork’s home, where they listened to music and watched TV until Woolfork, Singleton, Henry and Avery joined them from another part of the home and demanded that the girl have sex with “Jay” or face a beating.

When she refused, they punched her, kicked her and dragged her by the hair into the backyard, where they pushed her down stairs and smashed her head on the concrete.

When they dragged her back inside, Henry allegedly blocked the front door and said: “If you leave, I am going to f— you up!” She was next dragged into a bedroom, where the teens stripped off her clothes and held her down while Woolfork raped her.

The report says that after the assault, the girl was allowed to leave — minus her shoes — and she made her way to her grandmother’s nearby home.

The girl’s grandmother called police Saturday morning. When they met with the girl at 7:18 a.m. Saturday, she was covered in bruises, had broken bones in her face, had “extreme swelling” of both eyes, blood coming from her left ear and was in and out of consciousness. She was taken to an emergency room.

She was unable to name or describe her attackers, but she identified Woolfork out of a photo lineup.

16-Year-Old Florida Girl Held Down By Classmates, Raped On Videotape: Cops. HuffPo Crime, 11/5/2013.

UPDATE: Exclusive: New Videos Released In Attack On Hollywood Teen. CBSMiami, 1/9/2014./2014.

Hollywood Police say the videos depict Ericka Avery and Patricia Montes relentlessly punching and kicking the victim while telling her that the beating will cease if she has sex with a man named Jayvon Woolfork. Last month prosecutors showed a series of videos in court of the attack from inside the house. These new videos show what occurred before the attack moved inside.

As the videos begin, the victim is on the ground being dragged on the ground and sustaining a series of blows from her attackers. Voices recorded on the videos refer to the victim having been maced. At one point, one of the females is heard asking, “Are you recording again?” before walking over to the victim and forcefully slapping her in the head.

The videos reveal that at least two young men were watching the beating. One of the men is heard saying, “They don’t like this girl.” One of the females responds, “I told you we were gonna f— somebody up.”

During a break in the attack, when the victim is trying to regain her composure, one of the women is heard saying the victim should be let go, “Just let this girl get up and go home.”

But one of the men is heard saying that the victim has to stay to perform a sex act.

In the new videos, we see one of the men refusing to allow the victim to go outside to smoke a cigarette and again demanding that she have sex with Woolfork.

The victim told police that Montes, Avery, Dwight Henry and Lanel Singleton dragged her into a room and held her down while Woolfork raped her.

Hours later at a hospital, the victim spoke to police about the attack. A detective asked her why the young women beat her and the victim said “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.”

The victim also told police “I just don’t ever want to see them again. I mean, I thought Patricia, I thought they were my friends. And for them to do something like that, it’s just really messed up and cruel, and sick in the head.”

The victim also told police that before she left the house Ericka Avery spit on her.

Spree of Home Invasions, Sexual Assaults Ends in Shootout…Good

The manhunt for Charlie Christopher Bates ended shortly after 12:30 p.m., after police rammed a car he was driving, which went off-road in front of a Waffle House on US Highway 301 in Tampa. What followed was an intense two minutes of gunfire between police and the suspect.

When the shooting ended, Bates was pulled from the car, seriously injured with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken by ambulance from the scene, and died at the hospital around 1:21 p.m. No police officers were injured in the gun battle.

…This all started just after 11 p.m. Thursday when the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Florida Hospital indicating two women claimed they had just been sexually battered while inside their apartment at the Cambridge Wood Apartments.

…The suspect then fled the apartment complex and entered a nearby apartment in Eagle’s Point. There, deputies say Bates forced his way into a woman’s apartment at gunpoint. Tampa Police say the victim pleaded with the suspect to not harm her. The suspect ultimately did leave, without taking anything or assaulting the woman.

Deputies say Bates next arrived at Oaks Apartments, which is directly across 42nd Street from the original incident at the Cambridge Woods Apartments. He went into an apartment where about 25 people were attending a birthday party. The suspect forced all partygoers into a bedroom at gunpoint, firing at least one shot into the carpet.

The suspect then left the apartment, where he began chasing a man who was outside.

The man made it back into his apartment and closed the door. Bates allegedly fired at least three rounds at the man, who was not hit. At least one round struck the door.

And he’s suspected in 2 home invasions and 2 attempted sexual assaults thwarted by prayer and bible verses.

I shit you not.

Charlie Christopher Bates, suspect in violent home invasions and sexual batteries near USF, dies after police chase, crash and shootout., 9/6/2013.

“Showtime” Sexually Assaults Man, Wife and Mother-in-Law for Debt Not Owed

The victim said “‘Showtime’ inserted the barrel of a firearm (handgun) into his rectum as he knelt on the floor,” court documents say. He then “removed the barrel from the rectum area and inserted it into the mouth of [the victim’s] wife.”

He was joking and laughing as he did all this, the victim says.

Oliver then pointed his gun at the head of the couple’s infant daughter. He ordered the victim “to insert his penis into the mouth of his mother-in-law. [The victim said] he hesitated and initially refused, but was again ordered to do so and feared ‘Showtime’ would shoot his daughter.”

Phillip Oliver, a.k.a. “Showtime”: Sticks Gun in Man’s Rear, Forces Woman to Blow Her Son-in-Law,, 4/6/12.

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