threatening a police officer

The Marquee Offers $100, on Facebook, to Kill Pinellas Park Police Officer

Of course on Facebook. Dumb-ass.

Bruce Allen Santee II, 35, who wrestles under the name ‘The Marquee, made the offer on Facebook after the officer pulled the Ford Mustang that Santee was riding in over early Sunday morning after the driver failed to obey a yield sign. The unidentified driver, who was driving with an expired license, explained that she was taking Santee and another man home because they were intoxicated.

According police, Santee argued with the policeman, calling him a “pig”.

After the officer allowed the group to arrange for a different ride, Santee allegedly went home and posted the officer’s name on his Facebook page along with a reward of $100 to anyone who would kill him.

Florida semi-professional wrestler offers $100 reward on Facebook to kill police officer. The Raw Story, 2/18/2014.

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