Man Becomes “monster,” Disembowels Girlfriend [GRAPHIC details!]

Fidel Lopez called 911 about 3:39 a.m. Sunday and told the operator his girlfriend Maria Nemeth was having trouble breathing and was going to die, according to the arrest report filed in the case.

Sunrise police found Lopez crying for help next to Nemeth’s naked body on the floor of the bathroom with blood and body tissue around the apartment that Nemeth, 31, and Lopez, 24, had shared for about one week in the 1600 block of Northwest 128th Drive, the report stated.

The bathroom door was ripped off its hinges and there was blood and tissue in the bathroom, a bedroom closet, and smeared on walls and doors. There were several holes in the walls and a shattered sliding glass door, police said.

During questioning Sunday morning Lopez initially told investigators that he and Nemeth had been having rough sex and that she went into the bathroom, vomited and collapsed, the arrest report said.

Further questioning revealed a different story.

Lopez told detectives he became a “monster” when Nemeth called out her ex-husband’s name two times while they were having sex. He said hearing someone else’s name during sex upset and enraged him, investigators said.

Lopez said he left Nemeth in the closet where they were having sex and started breaking things throughout the apartment, smashing the rear sliding glass door and punching holes in the walls, police said.

Below = GRAPHIC. “Monster” doesn’t start to describe this. This is not “rough sex” or about “rough sex” at all and that scumbag only said that to try to excuse himself for killing her. Only a scumbag who can’t see a woman as a human would do this.

Most of the time, when a man claims “it was rough sex,” he’s hiding a rape. Period.

He went back to the closet where Nemeth was lying unconscious and he started inserting a beer bottle, a flat iron for hair, and both fists inside of her, investigators said.

Lopez said he inserted his arm up to his elbow and ripped out part of her intestines, detectives said.

He carried her into the bathroom and tried to put water on Nemeth’s face, but she did not wake up.

Lopez told police he then washed the blood off his hands in the bathroom sink, went out on the porch to smoke a cigarette and then started to panic.

After further efforts to clean the apartment, Lopez told police he checked on Nemeth in the bathroom, found that she wasn’t breathing and called 911, according to the arrest report.

Sunrise murder suspect accused of disemboweling girlfriend | (Warning: Graphic content). Sun Sentinel, 9/22/2015.

Mother Charged with Torture in Death of 3-Year Old

Fafane Caze, 21, was arrested Tuesday night on charges of torture and aggravated child abuse after her son was found with signs of severe trauma and sexual abuse Tuesday morning, but Miami-Dade Judge Maria Elena Verde increased the charges in a Wednesday hearing.

…When police responded to the scene, the child had several injuries on his body, North Miami Detective Alanzo Rhymer testified Wednesday.

“There were numerous, throughout his entire body, scars — buckle-shaped scars,” he said. “Some were fresh, some were old.”

Rhymer said he also saw burn marks on the child’s face, genitals and fingers. He said Caze admitted to burning her son as a form of punishment in a statement to police that was recorded on video.

In the moments before the child’s death, said Rhymer, Caze admitted to beating the boy with the handle of an aluminum broom. She then grabbed him by the hand and flung him across the room where he hit his head against the corner of a wooden table, according to Rhymer.

Caze told police the child gasped for air and asked for water, but when she tried to give him some, he couldn’t drink it. She told police she attempted CPR and called 911 shortly after, according to Rhymer.

The boy was taken to Jackson North Hospital from his home at 12501 Northeast 13th Ave. and was later pronounced dead, according to police. Rhymer said the emergency room doctor who attended the boy said his core temperature was indicative of someone who had been dead for three to four hours.

Mother Charged With Attempted Murder After Death of Boy, 3, Found With Signs of Sexual Abuse: North Miami Police. NBC Miami, 1/22/2014.

MO Man and Juvenile Tortured, Murdered Man Then Shared a Cigar

Zachary Lisle, 20, of Kansas City, was being held on $1 million bond on charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, robbery and armed criminal action. Court documents allege that he and a juvenile male told investigators they had beaten 58-year-old Mark Thomas and stolen his wallet.

…Thomas was found dead early Sunday in the women’s restroom at Smithville Lake, north of Kansas City, after one of the suspects told investigators where to find him, a Kansas City police detective wrote in a probable cause statement. His legs were bound with jumper cables, a green bag had been tied around his head and one of his fingers was partially severed.

While being interrogated, Lisle gave investigators a handwritten statement that said “the torture was senseless,” adding that he and the juvenile shared a cigar after the victim gave up struggling, according to the police document.

…The juvenile told investigators Thomas was driving him and Lisle home when he was asked to pull over. He said Lisle grabbed Thomas and started beating him on the head with an unknown object, then they put Thomas in the SUV’s cargo area and drove to Smithville Lake. At one point, Lisle poured gasoline on the victim, the boy said, before the two dragged Thomas from the vehicle and into the restroom.

… Lisle said the juvenile ordered Thomas to give him his PIN number for his bank cards, which Thomas provided, and the two suspects used the cards to withdraw hundreds of dollars from ATM machines. Lisle also told investigators that the juvenile tried to cut off Thomas’ ring finger in an attempt to steal his gold ring.

Missouri man charged in fatal kidnapping of driver who was tortured, doused in gas and had a finger partially severed. Associated Press/, 1/7/2014.

World Gone Bad: Teen Crucified, Tortured in Alleged Exorcism Led by Ex-Boyfriend

Three men and one woman appeared in a court in France accused of torture after the 19-year-old victim was found at a housing estate in Grigny, in the southern suburbs of Paris.

She was emaciated, dehydrated, had been beaten and was in a state of shock, AFP reports.

The four accused allegedly tied up the woman, known only as Antoinette, in the position of Christ on the cross. She was kept bound to a mattress for seven days.

One of the men on trial is the woman’s former boyfriend, Eric Deron, who is believed to have instigated the assault. Prosecutors say he had delusions of being a prophet on a divine mission.

…The church, a US-based Protestant Christian denomination that has millions of followers worldwide, said it had expelled the four accused in 2010. It said it does not condone exorcisms of this kind, nor is it justified in any of its teachings.

France: Former Seventh Day Adventist Members Crucify Teenager in Week-Long Exorcism. International Business Times, 10/8/2013.

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