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Man in Werewolf Mask Shoots Worker in Check-Cashing Business, Still At-Large

And no clues why.

Police are searching for the masked assailant, who shot the worker in the head during the attack in Chino on Friday.

The victim — a 58-year-old man — was a construction worker at the business and is expected to survive, police said.

His co-worker, Armand Soliano, said they thought it was a prank when the assailant walked in. He opened fire without speaking to anyone.

Police are searching for a man who wore a werewolf mask and shot a worker at a check-cashing business, authorities said.
“He didn’t say a word,” Soliano told CNN affiliate KABC. “He shot him in the head for no reason.”

At the time of the incident, the business was closed for renovations, but it had its back doors open.

Silent man in werewolf mask shoots worker in California, witness says. CNN.com, 11/30/2014.

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